My Skills :

Let me tell you a few of my skills ...

Programming Languages

Proficiency in C : 60%

Proficiency in Python : 80%

Proficiency in C++ : 75%

Proficiency in Java : 55%

Proficiency in Shell Scripting : 65%

Machine Learning


Supervised Learning : Implemented all types of Regresssion and Classification Models with Gradient Descent.

Unsupervised Learning : Implemented all types of algorithms & Models with Gradient Descent.

Source Code Management


Total no. of Contributions in OpenSource: 417 and still counting...

Owner of a github based open source Orgainsation and i recently did contribution in OpenSource community (OpenGenus And Google).

Web Development


HTML,CSS and a little bit of JS.

Designed ThinkBig Data Community's Website Base Layout and full fledged Team Section For TBD Community.

BigData Tools


Tools : Hive, Kafka, Sqoop, Flume, MongoDB, MapReduce.

Recently completed the intermediate level course of MongoDB from MongoDB University and recently i have started a mini project which includes the implementation of hive and flume + kafka.

SQL & NoSQL Tools


Tools : MySql , MongoDB

MySql is simple sql tool used to maintain databases.